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Churchill Wild’s Premier Polar Bear Tours – Face to Face with Arctic Giants


It was our third trip to Churchill, Manitoba – The Polar Bear Capital of the World. The date was October 28th when we flew into Winnipeg the night before setting off on a polar bear safari to our remote lodge on Hudson Bay. The last time we visited Seal River Lodge with Churchill Wild, it was freezing, this time around, it was a balmy zero degrees Celcius (32F) in Winnipeg. The weather outlook for Churchill was around minus 10 degrees. Perfect weather for polar bear tours. This was going to be a good week.

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild

We thought we were the cool people taking our third trip to see the polar bears with Churchill Wild. That is until we met another couple from Switzerland who had been nine times a man from China who was visiting for the sixth time. Polar Bear tours are addictive. Once you’ve seen a polar bear in the wild, the experience stays with you and you want to go back again and again.

Polar Bears in Summer

We had visited Churchill once in the summer and another time in the winter. Churchill Wild has added many polar bear tours to their arsenal with polar bear safaris such as their den emergence tour to see female polar bears and their newborn cubs, the cloud wolves of Katai, and the summertime trips to see birds, bears, and belugas.

Summertime tours are quite different from the winter. Seeing polar bears with the green tundra landscape contrasting their white coats is a sight to behold. We took our summertime tour with Churchill Wild at Nanuk Lodge which was just as spectacular. Walking with Polar Bears – The Greatest Arctic Safari / Read more: Kayaking with Beluga Whales in Churchill

Arctic Gear Provided

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Clothing

After landing in Winnipeg on our flight from Toronto, we picked up our luggage and walked across the street to The Grand Hotel where Churchill Wild safari guests spend the night before flying out the next morning.

Everyone who books a polar bear tour with Churchill Wild is given a parka, snow pants, and boots to help brave the Northern Canadian cold. Weather can be unpredictable and it can easily go down to minus 40 Celcius with the windchill. When visiting Churchill for polar bear safaris, it’s important to layer.

how to dress for extreme cold weather

Make sure to pack, mittens, balaclava, hats, warm socks, and a thermal layer of merino wool. We have an entire post about layering for cold weather and you can watch our video from the last time we were in Churchill with -45 degree weather. Read our full article: 5 Winter Layering Tips to Dress for Extreme Cold Weather


Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild Prep

We went up to the top floor for our fitting, grabbed our gear, and spent the rest of the afternoon repacking and organizing our bags for the Greatest Arctic Safari you will ever have.

After a quick orientation about what to expect on a polar bear trip to Seal Lodge, our group of 9 people enjoyed a meal together while getting to know one another. It was a short meal though, as flights to Churchill leave early in the morning and we awoke at 4 am.

After a quick continental breakfast put out in our hotel, we all walked over to the airport in a group wrapped in our matching parkas and let our Churchill Wild escorts do all the work. They were even allowed to come through security with us to make sure we all got on the plane. Now that is service!

Flights to Churchill

calm air churchill manitoba

Calm Air is the airline that is the gateway to the North. It’s an exciting flight as you meet fellow photographers and wildlife views who are heading up for their own polar bear safari. Everyone is dressed in their layers with cameras in hand, armed, and ready for the week ahead. The flight to Churchill from Winnipeg is 2 1/2 hours and it is the coolest experience. Everyone walks out onto the runway and our flight attendant greets us while wearing a Canada Goose Parka. No photographs are allowed on the runway, but that’s okay, this is the perfect time to just enjoy the experience. We are heading to the Great White North.

Arrival in Churchill

Polar Bear Jail in Churchill Manitoba
The Polar Bear Holding Facility is just outside the airport in Churchill (photo is from our last visit)

The travel day isn’t over once you land in Churchill. We gathered our luggage from the belt and put on our snow pants and warm weather gear to get into a small twin-engine plane that took each Churchill Wild group to their respective lodges.

We took a short tour while we waited for the weather to clear to see the polar bear holding facility nearby. This is where polar bears who have wandered too close to town and won’t leave are put while waiting to be relocated far away from the city. You can read all about it here: Best Things to Do in Churchill Manitoba

Eco Lodges of Churchill Wild – Sustainability and Responsibility

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild Seal River Lodge

Churchill Wild has three lodges on Hudson Bay, Diamond Lake Lodge, Nanuk Lodge, and our accommodation for the next 5 days, Seal River Heritage Heritage Lodge.

The lodges follow a minimalist approach to luxury safaris. Electricity is solar powered and each lodge is designed using local and recycled lumber with a design to allow as much sunlight as possible to minimize use of energy. Trust me, it can get downright hot in their when the sun is shining, even when it is below zero. Water from the lodges comes from nearby lakes that are triple triple-filtered.

Most importantly, most of their tours are conducted on foot to minimize our use of motorized vehicles. The lodges are located near prime wildlife hangouts, so we don’t have to go far to see wildlife. By walking up to see polar bears, we barely impact their every day lives. They notice us, take a look and decide if they want us to stay or not. If they are okay, we get to stand and watch them for a little bit before moving on. Our guides never overstayed their welcome, no matter how good the photo opportunities were.

The flight is about 20 minutes to cover the 60 km journey northern from Churchill. It was a beautiful scenic flight where we saw the icy shores of Hudson Bay and some moose running on the land below.

Seal River Lodge has its own airstrip and as the lodge came into view through our window, I could feel the anticipation pick up. Will we come face to face with a polar bear soon?

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild Encounters

Our hosts and guides were waiting by the airstrip with the last group of polar bear watchers and as we disembarked, they bid farewell. It was then on to the ATVs to make our way to the cozy lodge for an introduction, some hot coffee, and low and behold our first polar bear sighting.

Seal River Lodge outside of Churchill to view Polar Bears

The lodge has beautiful bay windows facing in all directions and it didn’t take long until we were looking through the scopes and binoculars to see a polar bear. I was already thrilled, but little did I know what lay ahead. This polar bear in the distance was just the beginning.

seal river heritage lodge polar bear tours churchill

Seal River Lodge is a luxury eco-lodge located on the shores of Hudson Bay. At high tide, the waters come right up to the property. The quiet cove was once a goose hunting lodge and a beluga whale research station. It was transformed into a polar bear lodge 30 years ago by Mike and Jeanne Reimer. Since then, Churchill Wild has become the leading polar bear tour operator and the only one of its kind that walks with polar bears.

Walking with Polar Bears

Walking With Polar Bears Churchill wild

Unlike other polar bear tours in Churchill, a trip to Seal River Lodge gets you out from behind the glass and out walking on the Tundra with polar bears.

polar bear tours walking with polar bears curious female

The walks provide unparalleled opportunities to observe polar bears in the wild. Unlike more common tundra vehicle tours around Churchill, walking gives you a more intimate and ground-level perspective. You might see bears roaming the coastline, foraging, or even play-fighting. We saw them all! There is also a chance to observe other Arctic wildlife, such as Arctic foxes, red foxes, arctic hares, and ptarmigan.

Polar Bear Safari Churchill Wildlife Red Fox

Once we all settled in the lodge, we had a meeting to discuss the rules of walking with polar bears and what to expect once we emerged from behind the high fences.

After gearing up in our thermal layers, parkas, hand, and feet warmers, we met outside in the fenced-in yard to practice walking with polar bars.

Is walking with Polar Bears Safe?

Polar Bear Safety Tips

Whenever we mention that we’ve walked with polar bears, people always tell us, “That’s not safe!” We used to think that as well. I used to think that people could never get close to polar bears. That is until I did it. Check out: Adorable Tundra Animals – The Canadian Arctic Comes to Life

I would never go out in the wild in search of polar bears alone. It’s important to hire expert guides that understand polar bears and know their behavior. Churchill Wild has established a set of safety protocols and procedures to ensure the well-being of both the guests and the polar bears. We have always felt safe and comfortable on our polar bear safaris and believe me, we have been just mere feet away from polar bears in the wild without a barrier.

Experienced Guides at Churchill Wild

Churchill Wild Polar Bear Guides
Our polar bear guides decide how to approach a nearby polar bear safely

Churchill Wild employs highly experienced and trained guides who understand polar bear behavior and are equipped to handle close encounters with wildlife. Our guides are also trained in emergency response and carry safety equipment at all times.

We had the utmost confidence in our guides. They carry rifles but have never used them. As Boomer said, “It would be irresponsible for us to go out into the wilderness without a rifle.” But a rifle is the last resort. The deterrents that guides use first are voice and sound like banging rocks together and then body language like stepping toward the bear. Guides also carry noise makers, but they rarely (if ever) use them as well.

Looking for polar bears in Churchill Manitoba
Jess studies a nearby polar bear’s behavior before we can walk further

Guides are skilled at interpreting polar bear behavior and maintaining a respectful distance from the animals. Should a bear approach, the guides know how to cautiously manage the situation and use their training to keep everyone safe. B

Safety Training for Guests Walking with Polar Bears

Churchill Wild Polar Bear Tour Safety
Our group travels in single file to keep a small profile

The tours are conducted in small groups to ensure that the guides can monitor the safety of all guests and minimize the impact on the bears and their natural habitat. We had a group of nine guests with three guides ensuring our safety. Before embarking on any walks, guests receive thorough briefings on safety procedures and are educated about how to behave when in the vicinity of polar bears.

Walking single file on Polar Bear Tour in Churchill

Our guides Boomer and Jess showed us how to walk in a single file, how to move in a pinwheel, and how to stand once we stopped and they deemed it safe. Each person had to line up in a “V” shoulder behind shoulder so we could spy on the bears while spanning the shortest distance possible. If bears see a long line, they could look at that as a threat. When we walk single file they are not concerned.

And when we stop, we stop carefully in a diagonal line. It is only after the bear has seen us, feels comfortable with us and lets us stick around that we are allowed to fan out in a line to take our photos and videos. It is a well-organized and proven system that has allowed Churchill Wild to run these tours for decades without incident.

Guides talking about Polar Bear Safety in Churchill
Our guide Boomer prepares us for an approaching polar bear

But you must obey your guides. When they say cameras down, there is no hesitation, cameras must go down. When they say, to start turning the pinwheel, you need to follow directions. The movements are not only for our safety but for the comfort of the polar bear. If they don’t feel threatened, they will allow visitors into their domain. In fact, I think they like the company.

We spent 5 days walking with polar bears twice a day. And each encounter was more magical than the last.

A Day in the Life at Seal River Lodge with Churchill Wild Polar Bear Safaris

What it is like on a Churchill wild Polar Bear Safari

The day at Seal River Heritage Lodge begins at 7:00 am with a fresh pot of coffee and a warm fire. We normally relaxed, went through photos, or chatted with our fellow polar bear enthusiasts until breakfast at 8 a.m.

At 8 a.m., it was time to go through the breezeway to the breakfast room where we were fed a hearty meal each morning. The chef can accommodate all dietary needs from vegetarian to gluten-free.

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Food
Gluten-Free Pasta

After breakfast, our guides Boomer and Jess tell us the plan for the day. While we’ve been eating and enjoying coffee, the staff have been outside on the crow’s nest or looking through the scopes to see where the polar bears are.

It’s then back to our rooms to get suited up, pick up our camera gear, and put on our coats and boots in the cool breezeway.

Once outside, we all leave the gates together in a single file in search of polar bears.

Polar Bears Sightings

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Daily Routine

During other polar bear tours, we spent a lot of time walking and searching for polar bears, but on this last visit to Seal River Lodge, we barely had to leave the compound.

Viewing Platform At Churchill wild Seal River Lodge

Many mornings saw polar bears sitting outside waiting for us. It’s like they were excited to see us. Boomer said that these polar bears are bored. They’ve been waiting for the ice to melt and we are their entertainment. Instead of going out the gates, we walked to the viewing platforms to see the bears go about their day. And most of the time, they decided to watch us as well.

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild FAQ's
This polar bear slept right outside the fence watching us

Seal River Lodge is situated on Hudson Bay directly on the path that polar bears take to go out onto the ice flow. In the months of October and November, bears are patiently waiting for the ice to freeze, while conserving their energy. There isn’t a lot to eat besides seaweed and grass at this point, so they are trying to keep as much fat on their bodies so that they can get out on the ice to start hunting seals.

With the lodge being right on the shore, we saw bears walking around the fence and peering inside, sleeping in front of our bay windows, and sitting down to watch the weird beings in a zoo along their path to the water. They truly were the most curious creatures.

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Manitoba

Usually, we spent about 30 minutes looking at the bears from the various platforms before the bears lost interest and moved on. Once they were safely away, we could open the gates and start our walk.

Polar Bear Encounters Canada’s Best Adventure

We never spent too long with one bear. We always spent just long enough that they were okay with us watching, but we never wore out our welcome. The number one concern for the Churchill Wild guides is to make sure that the bears are comfortable and stress-free. Once they started walking toward us for a closer look or if they showed any signs of interest in what we were doing, our group moved on and left the bear to go about its business rummaging for seaweed or grass to graze upon.

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Wild Encounter

During our five days (4 nights) at Seal River Heritage Lodge, we lost count of how many polar bear encounters we had between the 5 or 6 different polar bears we saw. There was a big male polar bear that hung out every day at the lodge. He would walk up to the fence to say hello and then lay down to look in at us for hours on end. He slept outside the bay windows all night to shelter from the wind and chased off smaller polar bears regularly.

Polar Bear Cub

We saw the cutest mom and cub when we took the ATVs out to cross the lake. This was truly our most magical afternoon. The day before our guides spotted the mom and cub in the distance, but we didn’t make it out there to see them. The next morning, they decided to load us onto carts and take us close so we could walk out onto the lake for a better view.

The cub was thrilled to see us and it seemed as though it wanted to play. It kept picking up a rock and dropping it like it wanted us to play fetch. The mom seemed happy to be able to rest while the cub was preoccupied with us. Mom kept one eye on her precious cub while laying down for a rest as the cub chewed on branches, played with rocks, and kept looking at us.

Polar Bear Mom and Cub

Boomer suggested that the cub probably had a sibling that didn’t make it since most polar bears give birth to two cubs. It’s instinct is to play, so it looked at us as a play companion. However, these are wild animals, so as cute as it was, Boomer and Jess kept us a safe distance back and whenever the cub came too close, they would say “Hey Bear.”

Polar bears live in silence with very little noise except for wind. So the best deterrent for polar bears is sound. When they hear a voice, it startles them and they back away. As Boomer and Jess explained to us, our voices and movements are our best deterrents.

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Female Encounter

It is truly a magical experience to be allowed to peer into the lives of polar bears. We watched polar bears posture for position on the bay with the old larger male winning out. Small polar bears would walk through the area and we would see their demeanor instantly change the moment they sensed the larger male.

We watched some polar bears try to take a stand and approach the larger male while others cowered away. We saw some have a standoff slowly chasing one and then switching positions while the other chased them back. We saw mom and cub crossing the ice and we saw a young bear trying to figure out how it was possibly going to survive the winter.

Polar Bear Standing Male

It was a glimpse into the animal world that few ever get to see and it was a privilege. We came away with a deeper understanding and respect for polar bears. Like many animals, they are curious, innocent, and beautiful. But you must have a healthy respect for wildlife. They may be cute and cuddly on the outside, but if provoked, frightened, hungry, or agitated, they can turn wild in a heartbeat.

FAQs about Polar Bear Tours

Polar Bear Tours Churchill Airport

Are there Polar Bears in Canada?

Yes, Canada has many polar bears. In fact, Canada is home to two-thirds of the estimated polar bear population which is around 23,000 polar bears.

Is it dangerous to walk with Polar Bears?

things to do in churchill

It is important to remember that polar bears are wild and unpredictable animals, and there is always an element of risk when in close proximity to them. However, the risks are managed carefully by the safari operators to create a safe environment for an unforgettable experience.

As participants on these safaris, we followed all guidelines provided by guides and remained aware of our surroundings. We were part of the safari. The priority of operators like Churchill Wild is to ensure the safety of their guests while preserving the natural behavior and habitat of the polar bears. And as people who have walked with polar bears three times, we can attest, they do care deeply about the well-being of polar bears.

Polar Bear Tours in A Nutshell

Wrapping up your days at Seal River Lodge feels like leaving behind a piece of your wild heart. This isn’t your average trip; it’s a polar bear walking safari that invites you into the world of these noble giants at a pace that lets you soak it all in. Churchill Wild has this whole adventure down to a fine art, balancing thrill with care for our furry friends’ home turf. Ready for an escape that’s a tad out of the ordinary? This is your cue to join in and tread softly into the polar bears’ backyard.

Book your next polar bear safari with Churchill Wild. Choose from one of their many wildlife tours here. Polar Bear tours start at $13,295 CAD per person. Approximately $9,600 USD or €9,000.

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