30 Best Puerto Rico Beaches To Visit in 2023

30 Best Puerto Rico Beaches To Visit in 2023


Puerto Rico is heaven on Earth. The tiny island is best known for fresh seafood and beautiful beaches, and what more could you want than the sun, sand, and tasty Puerto Rican food? There are so many reasons you should visit Puerto Rico right away we couldn’t possibly list them all here. If you have already planned a trip, rest assured you’ll soon see that the stunning sandy beaches in Puerto Rico are just one of these reasons. Puerto Rico’s beaches are some of the best beaches in the world.

Top Beaches in Puerto Rico

30 Best Puerto Rico Beaches

In this guide, we’ll narrow Puerto Rico’s amazing beaches down to just the top 30. Whether you are heading to Puerto Rico’s northeast coast near Old San Juan or want a southwest coast spot with calm waves and coconut palm trees, these beaches will tick every box. Get ready for some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

1. Tamarindo Grande Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Tamarindo Grande Beach

Forget beachfront restaurants and the luxury of a water taxi; Tamarindo Grande Beach is remote and entirely run by nature. It is a mission to get there, and you’ll have to first travel to the island of Culebra and then hike on foot from Flamenco Beach along jungle tracks. Quiet, with bright blue waters and regular sea turtle visitors, Tamarindo Grande Beach is the best beach in Puerto Rico to immerse in nature. Bring snorkeling gear, as the beach has beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

How to get there: 20-minute hike from Flamenco Beach Where to stay: Aleli Cottages

2. Escambron Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Escambron Beach

Escambron Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico – why? Because it sits right in the center of San Juan, just a short walking distance from Old San Juan. As a much-loved urban beach, it has the safety net of lifeguards to supervise swimmers, and you can enjoy its shallow waters with the relaxing presence of safety in numbers.

Palm trees line Escambron Beach, and it’s a family-friendly beach choice. We had to add it to this guide because it is a firm favorite and one of the most convenient beach options for those who want to stay in busy San Juan.

How to get there: Walk from San Juan Where to stay: Caribe Hilton

3. La Playita Cabo Rojo

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico La Playita Cabo Rojo

La Playita Cabo Rojo is one of the smallest of Puerto Rico’s beaches. Blink too slowly, and you’d miss it when glancing over a map. But for those who don’t make that mistake, La Playita Cabo Rojo sits on the west coast and is a brilliant spot for kayaking or paddle boarding.

The beach is tiny, with white sand, mangroves, and palm trees left to grow untamed by an urban environment. If you rent a kayak, snorkel gear, or paddle board, La Playita Cabo Rojo is where to head. Alternatively, this beautiful beach is just somewhere quiet to collect your thoughts.

How to get there: Walk from Puerto Real Where to stay: Sol Casita

4. Boqueron Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Boqueron Beach

Boqueron Beach is another tranquil spot, backed by out-of-sight residential properties, hotels, and restaurants – all obscured mainly by dense undergrowth and swaying palms. Boqueron Beach is one of the top spots on Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast if you want an easy-to-access beach that still clings to a bit of tranquility. You can head to Boqueron to sunbathe, paddle in the shallow waters, and enjoy tasty street food snacks from the beach vendors.

5. Flamenco Beach

Best Beaches in puerto Rico Culebra Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach has already come up in conversation; it is a beautiful beach located on the eastern island of Culebra. If you’ve never seen a white sand beach, Flamenco Beach must be on your Puerto Rico beach itinerary. Its beauty won us over instantly, and it is head and shoulders above nearly every other beach in this guide in terms of looks.

For the wow factor, Flamenco Beach is where to be a beach bum for a day. The contrast between the white sand and blue waters is incredible; you have a jungle backdrop to match. Flamenco Beach is more of a bucket list destination than a standard beach experience.

How to get there: Get the ferry from Puerto Rico’s mainland and drive from Culebra Where to stay: El Navegante de Culebra

6. Survival Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Survival Beach

Survival Beach has an ominous name, but rest assured it is safe if you keep some warnings in mind. Survival Beach is notoriously bad regarding currents, so you don’t want to swim or paddle at this beach. It also has some impressive rock formations, which you should admire from a distance and be wary of rockfall. Even the road to reach it is treacherous for your vehicle wheels, with tons of potholes. If you fancy an adventure and you don’t mind a little bit of chaos, Survival Beach is one of the most fun beaches to visit in Puerto Rico.

7. Maria’s Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Maria's Beach

Maria’s Beach, aka Playa Maria, is a surfer’s paradise tucked away on the west coast of Puerto Rico. This beach is easily amongst the best beaches for anyone wanting to experience Puerto Rico’s best waves. Rincon is known to be a surfing hub on the island with a considerable surf heritage.

Even if you don’t surf, it is exciting to head down and relax in the sands while watching others ride frothing waves. Playa Maria has a sense of community and sporting importance – we just had to add it to our list.

8. Jobos Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Jobos Beach

Get ready for another surfer’s paradise; Jobos Beach is a renowned surf spot on the north coast of Puerto Rico. Picture golden sand and constant rolling waves. It isn’t somewhere to attempt a relaxing swim, and currents get very dangerous. However, if you are an experienced surfer or want to sit down and sunbathe while watching surfers, Jobos Beach is ideal. Jobos is a vast, open beach with plenty of space that opens directly onto the Atlantic Ocean, so it stays breezy.

9. Luquillo Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Luquillo Beach Costa Azul Beach

In a popularity contest, Luquillo Beach would easily win as one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. The fun beach is within walking distance of the tourist hub, Luquillo, and the restaurant dotted Fortuna. White sand opens onto shallow waters, with beach chairs and colorful umbrellas providing the perfect sunbathing spots for beach bums to enjoy cocktails and snacks from beach vendors.

Situated on Puerto Rico’s northeast coast, the beach is one of the most urban beaches you can find. It is a peaceful community hive, with enough buzz to keep you entertained and the good looks to warrant a visit.

10. Combate Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Combate Beach

Combate Beach is a peaceful little option on Puerto Rico’s lower southeast coast. First and foremost, it is a family-friendly beach with such a laidback atmosphere that it feels a little sluggish – the perfect spot for a midday nap in the sunshine. Incidentally, it is also the starting point for the Bike Trail that laps the southern-east end of Puerto Rico.

So cycling lovers can head out on a trail ride before returning to Combate Beach for a dip and cool off. This little beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for cycling lovers, and all around just a pleasant beach day option.

11. Tortuga Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Tortuga Beach

Tortuga Beach is easy to envision; sea turtles are on a remote beach with untouched coral reefs. Tortuga Beach is the spot you dream about, and its bright blue, clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and spotting marine life. However, it is also one of the most difficult Puerto Rican beaches to reach – located on the distant island of Culebritas.

If you fancy getting off the beaten track, this is the spot you should mark at the top of your list. You can’t find Culebritas accommodation, but you can stay in Culebra and take a day trip to Tortuga Beach. It is deliciously out of the way and a brilliant adventure for your time in Puerto Rico.

12. Carolina Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Carolina Beach

Friendly with plenty of supervision from security and lifeguards, Carolina’s public beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. The spacious sands are the perfect spot to sunbathe or lay a beach towel while you paddle in the shallow waters. Carolina Beach is somewhere where you always find laughter and enjoyment, and its urban location means it has a community atmosphere. Carolina Beach wiggled its way onto our list of top 30 for its residential beach feel.

13. Domes Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Domes Beach

Domes Beach is a surfing spot of legends. The reliable surf and location in the surf town of Rincon mean that this is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for anyone wanting to rip some waves. Not only are the surf conditions unrivaled, but Domes Beach has stunning scenery.

You’ll be enjoying the sands under the beautiful figure of the Faro de Rincon lighthouse. And when you’ve finished surfing or surfer-watching, there’s Ola Sunset Cafe for a mojito to watch the sunset. Puerto Rico’s west coast is famous for its surfer culture, and Domes Beach is simply one of the best.

14. Seven Seas Beach

Seven Seas Beach on the east coast of Puerto Rico

Seven Seas Beach is dreamy; white sand and calm waves are irresistible. You can paddle, snorkel, and swim with a high chance of spotting beautiful marine life and, at the very least, colorful coral scenes. It is an eastern beach located just outside of Soroco.

The area attracts tourists but naturally caps numbers with limited accommodation options in the small towns, so even though Seas Beach gets a little busy, it is never rammed. Seven Seas Beach is friendly and cheerful – a perfect holiday beach day option.

15. Crash Boat Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Crash Boat Beach

Despite its somewhat concerning name, Crash Boat Beach, aka Playa Crash Boat, is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. A touristy urban beach located on the busy west coast just outside Aquadilla, it always attracts a fun-loving crowd. It gets its name from the vast diving dock that juts out into the water.

Crash Boat Beach is excellent for those going scuba diving or just wanting a more organized beach experience. Food stalls always exist, and you can partake in exhilarating activities like jet skiing, even if you don’t feel like ducking underwater. Crash Boat Beach, aka Playa Cash Boat, made our list with its fierce sense of character and extroverted atmosphere.

How to get there: Walk from Borinquen or drive from Aquadillo Where to stay: Bella Noni B&B

16. Balneario Cerro Gordo

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Balneario Cerro Gordo

It’s official; Balneario Cerro Gordo is one of the top most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. The urban spot comes into its own with its swimming arrangements, boasting a roped-off swimming area and lifeguards to provide the safest swimming beach possible. Balneario Cerro Gordo is a brilliant solution if you fancy a dip or are visiting with older children who enjoy swimming more independently in the sea. Besides, the super clear waters are impossible not to love and dreamy for snorkeling. Balneario Cerro Gordo holds one of the top spots as an urban beach spot.

How to get there: Walk or drive from Cerro Gordo Where to stay: Penthouse Condo

17. Sun Bay Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Sun Bay Beach

Sun Bay Beach is another island beach on your list. For an extra memorable beach day experience, get off of Puerto Rico’s mainland and get to Sun Bay Beach. Coconut palm trees line this spot and are frequently visited by roaming horses – who sometimes even have foals on foot.

The cute factor is real, and Sun Bay Beach has a real paradise vibe. The natural island element means that wildlife flourishes, and you can spot turtles and starfish in the waters. Sun Bay Beach is incredible for animal lovers or those just wanting an adventure.

How to get there: Drive from Esperanza after catching the ferry from the mainland to Vieques Where to stay: The Vieques Guesthouse

18. Ocean Park Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach is one of the best urban beaches and is the longest beach in San Juan – stretching over two miles in length and is popular amongst everyone from kite surfers to chicly dressed walkers. The two miles have so much packed in, from soccer fields to beach bars and beach chair rentals.

Ocean Park Beach has a stunning skyline view of San Juan and a real city vibe. If you are based in San Juan’s outskirts while visiting Puerto Rico, you’ll likely use Ocean Park Beach as your local beach spot. And at night, it turns into a bit of a party beach, so keep it on your list if you love a party evening or two.

19. Condado Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Condado Beach

Condado Beach is an urban beach with beachfront restaurants and luxury hotels. Set within central San Juan, right next to the exclusive neighborhood of Condado and within walking distance of Old San Juan, it has a real inner-city atmosphere. Rows of high rises back the golden sands, and you feel like you’ve stepped into a movie set.

Condado Beach will be your spot if you stay in central San Juan. Even if you aren’t, it is worth venturing to for a party vibe and exclusive, upscale luxury.

20. Playa Sardinera

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Playa Sardinera Beach

Playa Sardinera is the best beach for hesitant swimmers. The cove is so protected by a curved rocky outcrop that it almost looks like a natural pool rather than an open ocean. Playa Sardinera is surprisingly never too busy, despite attracting a loyal handful of visitors in the know. For families or those wanting to avoid swimming in open waters, this beach is a relaxing haunt for your time during your Puerto Rico holiday.

21. La Chiva Natural

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Playa La Chiva

La Chiva Natural is a stunning beach only accessible by an hour-long trail through coastal shrubland. The trailhead starts near Seven Seas Beach and is a real mission, which is ideal for anyone wanting an extra challenge while holidaying in Puerto Rico. La Chiva Natural is up your street if you love a fitness challenge.

There’s even a natural pool you can dip in. La Chiva Natural is not the most popular beach on this guide, and we’d like to keep it that way, so keep this more secret spot to yourself and embrace the off-the-beaten-track element to this beach day.

22. Manglillo Chiquito

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Manglillo Chiquito

Manglillo Chiquito is a secluded beach with more mangroves than people, and if you want an immersive experience in nature, this will suit you perfectly. Manglillo Chiquito is a total solace. The only marker of human presence is the little beach huts you can BBQ in and shelter from the intense Puerto Rican sun.

Otherwise, you’ll be surrounded by typical, untouched nature and plant life. If you bring a kayak or paddleboard, you can head into the mangroves and get closer to otherwise unreachable scenery.

23. Poza del Obispo

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Poza del Obispo

Poza del Obispo is a well-known cove with regular tidal pools perfect for children wanting to catch small fish and crabs for their buckets. Poza del Obispo’s beauty is amazing; spacious sands, palms, and calm waters. This popular beach is a classic option and somewhere to throw back to the beaches you once visited as a child.

Poza del Obispo’s water is clear and perfectly shallow, so suited for those with younger children wanting to paddle while holding hands. It is an easy sell; we are sure you’ll love this peaceful little contender. We just had to add this shallow beach to this list.

24. Isla Verde

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Isla Verde

We’ll be completely honest; San Juan is pretty greedy regarding stunning beaches. Isla Verde is settled along the mid-section of the sprawling city – sandwiched between Condado Beach and Carolina Beach. Glitzy high rises burst up, seemingly from the sands themselves, and beach vendors stroll the beach, pushing trolleys of goods shaded by colorful umbrellas. Isla Verde is a place for watersports and urban coastal living. The sort of place you throw on your best bikini and snap Instagram photos.

25. Las Picuas

Las Picuas is a refreshingly underappreciated tropical paradise. This means that instead of a vibrant beach packed with other tourists, you have a golden sand beach with just the odd other beachgoer. With fine sand and expansive views right out onto the Atlantic Ocean, Las Picuas is something special.

Forget the stuff you see at a more popular beach, like jet skiing and street vendors. Las Picuas is the epitome of protected peace. Keep your eyes peeled for sand dollars and, if you get lucky, embrace the grand feeling of an empty beach.

26. La Guancha

Best Puerto Rico Beaches La Guancha

La Guancha is an entire coastal space in the south of Ponce City. It is a little hive of activity, with food stalls, playgrounds, and parks. You can giggle at all the pelicans, enjoy a fun community atmosphere, and kick back on its sandy beach – right on the edge of the area.

La Guancha is an entertaining space and is right next to the city center; you can easily walk. Ponce is known for its old town with Creole architecture and mansions, so if you choose an inner-city base, it’s nice to have a beach to which you can still retreat. For us, La Guancha offers a much-needed balance.

27. Playa Ballena

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Bahia de la Ballena Playa Ballena

Playa Ballena is a tropical paradise of golden sand and frothy surf on the south coast of Puerto Rico. While it is mostly off of tourist radars, Playa Ballena is one of the best beaches you can stumble across. It is located just off the PR-333 road, and once you’ve enjoyed the sands, you can head up a rocky trail to admire a natural bridge.

It is a must-stop-off point if you are planning a drive along the southern road of Puerto Rico. We’ve added it because its natural bridge attraction is great fun and a convenient point to stop at.

28. Playa Sucia

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Playa Sucia

Under the watchful gaze of Faro Los Morrillos, a dramatic white lighthouse atop red limestone cliffs, Playa Sucia is one of the most scenically located of Puerto Rico’s beaches. Playa Sucia wins the ‘pretty’ award when choosing between beaches in Puerto Rico, and we’d rate it only slightly below the iconic white sand Flamenco Beach.

The beach is connected to many attractions and beaches by a network of hiking trails, including the Cabo Rojo Cliffs trail. Playa Sucia is located at the southernmost point of Puerto Rico, and you’ll need a car to get there.

29. Playa Buye

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Playa Buye2

Playa Buye is your postcard image of Puerto Rico, with white sands and blue waters. The beach’s casual restaurant serves fried food and soda to eat in or takeaway and enjoy on the sands. And when you aren’t tucking into comfort food, you can relax on the spacious sands or dip in crystal clear waters.

Playa Buye is a ‘tick every box’ type of place, with showers and toilet facilities. If you are visiting Puerto Rico with young children, having food, showers, toilets, and shallow water for paddling is a dreamy combination. So we just had to add Playa Buye as a family-friendly recommendation.

30. Playa Isla de Cabras

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Playa Isla de Cabras

Just opposite the heritage site of Old San Juan is the Isle de Cabras National Historic Site. This beautiful site juts into the Atlantic Ocean with views of Old San Juan and some spectacular ruins. It is also home to the beautiful Playa Isla de Cabras – a shallow water beach with expansive Old San Juan views.

If you are lucky, you can spot all sorts of animals, including manatees and sea turtles. If you want to combine a beach day with historical sightseeing, Playa Isla de Cabras is ideal. The historic site is a stunning coastal area.

FAQs About The Beaches in Puerto Rico

Best Puerto Rico Beaches FAQ Playa Sucia

Puerto Rico’s beaches are undeniably gorgeous. These 30 best beaches in Puerto Rico mix the most popular beaches and some hidden gems. But before you make your final decisions on which to visit, check out these FAQs.

What part of Puerto Rico has the nicest beaches?

It depends on what you want. For whale watching, tropical vibes, and surfing, we vote on the west coast of Puerto Rico. However, the north coast has the nicest beaches if you want the predominantly urban, popular beaches.

Does Puerto Rico have good beaches?

Puerto Rico’s amazing beaches are part of what allures so many tourists each year. The island has a massive reputation for beautiful beaches, and you won’t be disappointed.

Does Puerto Rico have swimmable beaches?

Some of Puerto Rico’s beaches are swimmable, but not all of them. Be wary of remote beaches with no lifeguard supervision, and watch for blue-flag beach options.

Which side of Puerto Rico is prettiest?

The east coast of Puerto is stunning. You have islands like Vieques, Culebra, and on the eastern Puerto Rico mainland, El Yunque National Forest. Puerto Rico’s east coast has a reputation for having many luxury accommodation options, but it also has some of the prettiest areas of natural beauty.

To Conclude

Best Puerto Rico Beaches To Conclude Boqueron Beach

Puerto Rico’s beaches are incredible; from its east to west coast, you’ll find amazing spots for surfing, scuba diving, swimming, sunbathing, partying, and whale watching. Everybody loves sun, sand, and sea, but Puerto Rico has hit the jackpot regarding gorgeous beach settings. You’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time on beaches in Puerto Rico – so make sure that you include some of these 30 best Puerto Rico beaches in your itinerary.

Puerto Rico is one of our favorite spots, and we have many valuable resources to make the most of before your visit. You may want travel tips, fun facts, or something more practical – like our guide on the best places to stay in Puerto Rico.

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