20 Best Places To Visit in April USA (2024)

20 Best Places To Visit in April USA (2024)


April is a beautiful time to visit the USA. It is a shoulder season, meaning the entire country is in its transition phase — be that squeezing in its last month of ski slopes or bursting with freshly bloomed wildflowers. Early April typically falls under Spring Break dates, but mid-April through to the end of the month has fewer people. This is definitely one of the reasons that we tend to visit the US during the spring months it means you can really choose your atmosphere when picking places to visit during this time of the year. One thing we noticed after visiting these places in April is that, depending on the specific dates you choose, you either join the crowds or enjoy a quiet period before busy summer dates.

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Best Places to Visit in April in the USA1. Oahu, HI2. Zion National Park, UT3. Sedona, AZ4. Anchorage, AK5. Washington DC6. Ennis, TX7. Door County, WI8. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, CA9. Seattle, WA10. Blue Ridge Parkway National Park, NC11. Miami, FL12. Palm Springs, CA13. Santa Catalina Island, CA14. Sun Valley, ID15. Jackson County, NC16. North Cascades National Park, WA17. Big Sky, MT18. Napa Valley, CA19. Skagit Valley, WA20. Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TXBest Places to Visit in April: FAQsWhy We Recommend These Places To Visit in April

Best Places to Visit in April in the USA

Best Place to Visit in USA in April

In this guide, we’ll explore the best places to visit in April in the USA. Whether you want to chase wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country or live it up at Coachella, we’ll find the sweet spot for you. Here are our hottest takes on where to visit this April.

1. Oahu, HI

Best Places to Visit in March USA Oahu Hawaii

Oahu is the capital of Hawaii, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that it runs most of its events and festivities. This is one of the main reasons we suggest Oahu for your April trip. You have the Hawaiian Scottish Festival & Highland Games (pretty incongruous, right?), arts and craft fairs, live music performances, culinary and beer events, and Hapalua – Hawaii’s half marathon. Oahu is really in its prime in spring, especially in April.

Best Places to Travel in April USA Oahu

Aside from these seasonal events, you’ve got the beautiful Diamond Head State Monument, Lana’i Lookout, and all the sightseeing in the capital, Honolulu. You can hike, go sightseeing at places like the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and celebrate; Oahu just has so much to do. Oahu is easily one of the best islands in Hawaii, and that’s before factoring in its April festivities. Once Spring Break is over, you also enter a quick shoulder season before the summer season starts from May until October. Who doesn’t love fewer crowds?

In April, Oahu’s weather ranges from the mid-60s to just touching the 80s, and winter rainfall is a thing of the past. It’s an ideal time to visit for good weather and even better vibes.

2. Zion National Park, UT

Best Places to Visit in April USA Zion National Park

We love Zion National Park. It is one of the national parks we most frequently recommend, just because of its iconic hiking trails like Angels Landing and how beautiful it is to drive. We loved visiting in April for many reasons, including driving the surrounding roads, passing through tunnels cut into red sandstone cliffs, and pausing at gorgeous overlooks.

April is also an optimal time to tackle some of those challenging trails in milder temperatures, which hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the month. You can hike to the Emerald Pools and walk to the Temple of Sinewava. If you’re feeling brave, you can even tackle Angels Landing; it’s much less complicated without the ice but equally better before the dizzying heat of the summer months.

Best Places to Visit in April USA Zion NP Overlook

The only trail you’ll have to keep an eye on is the Narrows. This trail can be closed at any time due to rising levels from snow melt, so in spring, you may still see some closures. In our opinion, it’s a small price to pay. Thanks to its Angels Landing lottery system, Zion is a “see what you can hike” type of destination. For extra tips on accommodation logistics, we’ll link our guide on where to stay in Zion here. Zion is a great place to visit in spring. Mid to late April has fewer people so you can enjoy trails in easier conditions.

3. Sedona, AZ

Best Places to Travel in April USA Sedona Arizona

Sedona is another one of our firm favorites. We’ve actually listed it as one of our top romantic destinations in the whole of the USA. The Arizona desert town is film set worthy, with dramatic red-rock buttes and fragrant pine forests. And in April, you can visit in that perfect shoulder season between winter, with its heavy snowfall and busy skiing, and summer, with heavy crowds and heat. Instead, you get easily accessible hiking trails with the option to ski at nearby Flagstaff, where the ski season typically ends at the end of April.

You will dodge not one but two peak seasons while actually seeing the town in a better light. You’ll be in the perfect season for hiking trails like the Devil’s Bridge and UNESCO World Heritage Site attractions like Montezuma Castle. However, you’ll also still be able to enjoy snow activities just an hour’s drive north. Sedona is perfect for an April trip.

4. Anchorage, AK

Best Places to Visit in April USA Anchorage Alaska

April is the perfect excuse to visit Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. The city sits on the Cook Inlet and is best accessed by air or water. In April, you’ll be able to catch events like the Anchorage Folk Festival and see the city in its ultimate shoulder season.

And why should you care about Alaska’s best shoulder season? Well, April’s shoulder activities include the final month of the Anchorage ski season, the return of the grey whales, the last month of the auroras, and cheaper activity deals – like sightseeing flights. It is the perfect time to get the last bucket list experiences of the Alaskan winter while bagging seasonal transition experiences like whale spotting.

Anchorage is one of the best places to visit in April for nature lovers who also want an accessible city break. It offers some of Alaska’s best activities, such as skiing and dining.

5. Washington DC

Best Places to Visit in April USA Washington DC

This city is the nation’s capital, and needless to say, it has a lot of things to do and see. You could walk the National Mall and explore all of Washington DC’s museums. You can visit the White House and embrace all the political and social history born and instigated in this poignant city. However, most importantly, for those visiting in April, you should attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

From late March to April, the city celebrates the blooming of its cherry blossoms. The 3,000-plus cherry blossom trees are spread all around the Tidal Basin and were gifted to the USA in 1912 by the then Prime Minister of Japan. Each year, Washington DC now celebrates their blooming and this historic gift between countries. Plenty of activities and events are lined up, including parades, art events and workshops, and food stands.

Best Places to Visit in April USA Washington DC Museums

We’d definitely recommend visiting Washington, DC, to anyone, but in April, it is undoubtedly even more special. You have the awe factor of seeing thousands of pink trees, with scenic parks covered in millions of soft petals.

6. Ennis, TX

Best Places To visit in the USA in April Ennis Texas

If you want spring flowers, Ennis is our top suggestion. This beautiful city is actually dubbed the ‘Official Bluebonnet City and Trail of Texas’ as it is surrounded by such a high volume of vibrant fields of electric blue-purple flowers. It is the absolute crown of Texas Hill Country, and if you visit in April, you’ll catch it in full bloom; it’s the perfect time to schedule a trip to Texas.

The bluebonnets start to bloom in late March and last until early May, so April is a lovely time to experience the flowers in full bloom. It is also when the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival runs. The Festival features over 40 miles of mapped driving trails and showcases a natural wildflower show. It is a brilliant way to have the convenience of an organized experience and a nice time to join a sense of community celebration and excitement.

Needless to say, Ennis is also blessed by warm weather in April. You’ve got to love Texas for a bit of early sunshine. The city definitely gets our vote; besides, the flowers will be gone by the summer months. Ennis is a destination where you’ve got to book now or forever hold your peace.

7. Door County, WI

Best Places to visit in April in USA Door County Wisconsin

Door County is a beautiful addition to the USA’s tourism scene, and we love it. The region sits between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. It has one of the highest concentrations of lighthouses along its miles of rugged shoreline. Door County is also covered in parks like Peninsula State Park and Newport State Park; it actually has five state parks in total, which is impressive for such a small area. In April, it has mild weather, and its layout makes it the perfect place for hikes along the waterfront – spotting lighthouses as you go.

April is a definite shoulder season, with Door County at its busiest from May until October. Because of this, it’s a fantastic time to jump in and enjoy its trails with fewer crowds. We’d particularly recommend seeing Eagle Bluff Lighthouse at Peninsula State Park. But if you get a blustery day, check out the waves at Cave Point Country Park, which overlooks Lake Michigan.

If you need more ideas for exploring Door County, check out its wineries. It has a surprising talent for wine production. In summary, Door County is ideal for walks along the lakes, with lighthouses to spot and wineries to drink at—all with fewer crowds in April.

8. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, CA

Top places to visit in April in the USA Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is a trip to start planning if you love seeing gorgeous flora. Get ready to see poppies galore at this Californian state reserve. April marks the peak bloom of waves of bright orange-red poppy fields. The nature reserve is one of the prettiest places for tourists to see wildflowers in the entire USA, and April is the best month to see them full of life.

The reserve is just outside of Los Angeles, making it a super accessible place to visit in April if you organize a car rental. It is situated just outside the small city of Lancaster, known as the gateway to the Mojave Desert.

We’d suggest hiring a car and driving the 1.5 hours to the reserve, which isn’t otherwise reachable by public transport. The short drive takes you inland and through the Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, so it’s worth the short road trip just for your views. As you get close, you’ll see the flower fields on the horizon and poppies building up along the roadside.

9. Seattle, WA

Best Places to visit in April USA Seattle

Seattle absolutely strolled its way onto this guide, as it is easily one of the best cities to visit in April. The city sits tucked away in northern Washington, right under the Canada border and on the Puget Sound. It’s surrounded by water, mountains, and forests and is an easy day trip from Olympic National Park. It is basically the best city if you want a base for outdoor adventures. And while March is still a bit drizzly and cold, April brings the ideal warm weather to take advantage of all the nearby natural beauty before the crowds of the summer months.

Best Places to Visit in April USA Olympic National Park

You can go on a day trip to the Olympic National Park and hike the Hall of Mosses or Hurricane Hill. You could head south and visit Mount Rainier National Park or west for Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. You could even head further northwest and see North Cascades National Park. Or you could cruise the Puget Sound and spot wildlife like whales.

Of course, there’s also the Space Needle, Museum of Flight, and Freemont Troll to visit. The city has many sightseeing opportunities that are much quieter when you visit from mid to late April. It’s a great time to dodge the tourists.

10. Blue Ridge Parkway National Park, NC

Best Places to visit in April USA Blue Ridge Parkway National Park

Blue Ridge Parkway is the longest linear park in the USA and stretches 469 miles from North Carolina to Virginia. It is one of the most famous road trips to take in the country and is famed for its stops along the way, with plenty of towns with farm-to-table restaurants and hiking trails for outdoor adventure. Blue Ridge Parkway gets busy from May onwards throughout summer and again in fall because of its fall foliage, so visit in April to get the park in a quiet spell. Crisp and quiet, April is a really serene time to experience Blue Ridge.

Wrap up a little warmer to cope with the dropping temperatures with elevation, and keep an eye on the weather forecast, as at the beginning of April, you can still see snow in some parts. But otherwise, just embrace quieter roads and famously beautiful scenery. You can stop at attractions like the Blue Ridge Music Center, Crabtree Falls, and Linn Cove Viaduct. You’ll want a minimum of two to three days to drive the route, and if you enjoy camping and hiking trails, then you could spend as long as a week completing the drive. Blue Ridge Parkway is a great spring road trip for April.

11. Miami, FL

Best Places to visit in April USA Miami Florida

Miami is one of the best places to visit in April, and we didn’t want to penalize it just because of its popularity. The city is a bit of a victim of its own success. But it is definitely worth the hype, and the sunny weather speaks for itself. The pristine beaches in nearby state parks like John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park scream “beach holiday” – just check out these best beaches in and around Miami if you don’t believe us. You can strut down art deco South Beach or check out downtown art galleries. And that’s before you get a taste of Miami’s party culture and all the day trips to places like the Everglades.

In April, you have two choices: join the crowds or beat them. You can avoid the March crowds and Spring Breaker’s fever by visiting after the tail end of Spring Break for fewer people. You can also embrace the sociable atmosphere of Spring Break in Miami, meeting new people and partying. Just decide which end of April best suits you based on what you want from Miami. We like how clear-cut it is.

Miami has nearly year-round sunshine, but April offers a great experience before the super-hot and busy summer. To summarize, early April is best for partygoers wanting a busy Miami experience for Spring Break, while mid to late April is best for those wanting shoulder season Miami with plenty of beaches and nice weather.

12. Palm Springs, CA

Best places to visit in April USA Palm Springs California

Palm Springs is a fascinating city in the Sonoran Desert, inland of Los Angeles, known for stylish shopping opportunities, high-end golf courses, and luxury spas. If you want a luxury getaway this April, we’d recommend trying Palm Springs. The glitzy desert getaway is an elegant choice and definitely one for shopping lovers wanting a slight variation on the standard city break.

Of course, mentioning Palm Springs and not Coachella would be remiss. For those living under a rock, Coachella is one of the biggest live music festivals in the world. It is held in the town of Indio, which is essentially adjoined to Palm Springs – like a smaller city suburb. Coachella runs sometime from mid to the end of April, with exact dates switching each year. It runs over two separate weekends, with two lots of three days of performances and celebrations. It has everything from indie music to the latest pop artists. In 2023, the Coachella stages saw everyone from Bad Bunny to Post Malone and Blink 182.

If Coachella or Palm Springs sounds up your alley, we’d definitely suggest combining the two. It is a dreamy way to spend a week or two. And if you want a festival experience this April, you should start ticket shopping.

13. Santa Catalina Island, CA

Places to visit in April USA Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island is gorgeous and located just 22 miles off the coastline of California. As far as islands go, this little beauty is about as accessible as they come, easily reached by air or sea. Unsurprisingly, the island does get busy with heaps of excited tourists; word travels fast about incredible holiday destinations in the USA. Luckily, that’s where April comes in.

April is the first proper month you can enjoy outdoor activities on Santa Catalina Island since winter, with mild temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has way less rain than February or March, which again is excellent for hiking. Finally, April is a prime time to visit Santa Catalina because most people descend on the island in summer. You don’t want to feel overrun by tourists when visiting islands, and Santa Catalina Island is no different.

Spring Break undoubtedly brings the tourist numbers up a little (although nowhere near as high as in summer still), so we’d suggest aiming to visit in the second half of the month. You can enjoy sightseeing attractions like the Catalina Chimes Tower, the Catalina Museum For Art & History, and the Wrigley Memorial. The Garden to Sky Summit is also a beautiful hike you should try, leading you up to a hill summit for gorgeous island views. April is the perfect month to enjoy Santa Catalina’s trails again.

14. Sun Valley, ID

Places to visit in April USA Sun Valley Idaho

Sun Valley is where to go for ski slopes and wildflower meadows, and if that isn’t the perfect combination, we don’t know what is. The resort town is situated in central Idaho, on the outskirts of the Boise National Forest. It is flanked by Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain, two major ski areas that remain open until April. You can head there during Spring Break for a buzzier atmosphere or make the most of the quiet in the last couple of weeks before ski slope closures.

When you aren’t enjoying the last of the skiing, you can enjoy the meadows at lower elevations, which have shaken off their snow and are starting to showcase beautiful wildflowers. Croy Canyon is always a good choice and is one of the earliest areas to bloom. Sawtooth Botanical Garden is a good non-natural place to embrace flora, too. You can always go on a day trip to the Boise National Forest for scenic trails or to the Craters of the Moon National Park to see the incredible dormant lava fields.

Sun Valley is a fantastic place to visit in April to see the back end of the ski season. It also has other fun offerings, like wildflowers starting to emerge and the lava fields in nearby Craters of the Moon.

15. Jackson County, NC

Best Place to Visit April USA Jackson County North Carolina

Jackson County is beautiful, bordering 45 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it also offers its own beauty. The county has a selection of really serene mountain towns, including Cashiers, Cherokee, and Slyva. It has its own Forest Therapy Trail, which spans 1,500 acres in Sylva. It also has cultural attractions like the Appalachian Women’s Museum and the Museum of the Cherokee People. Jackson County is full of greenery and natural beauty, from Indian Creek Falls to Soco Falls and hiking trails galore.

Jackson County in North Carolina is relatively sleepy and an underdog in the tourism scene. While most people rush to the nearby Great Smoky Mountains or the Appalachian Mountains, we’d suggest slowing it down and staying in this pastoral region. You can really unplug and experience a new side of North Carolina. In April, it’s a great choice if you want to travel earlier in the month while still avoiding Spring Break crowds.

We recommend Jackson County as an off-the-beaten-track experience in North Carolina, and we think you’ll love this under-sung region. It has quiet attractions, plenty of culture, and natural beauty galore.

16. North Cascades National Park, WA

Places to visit in April USA North Cascades National Park

North Cascades is a beautiful park near the Canadian border in northern Washington. In April, some of the areas may still have snow lingering, and the temperatures jump up to above freezing, which makes it better and more enjoyable to hike. Given that it’s a glacial region too, that bit of lingering snow makes for even prettier scenery. You’ll have hikes to lakes with mountains still dusted with snow at their peaks. It’s the first month you can conveniently visit North Cascades again and enjoy clear trails with snow views. Could you ask for a better combination?

As if all that wasn’t enough, North Cascades is claimed to have one of the leading flora diversities of the USA and all its national parks. In spring, you’ll notice these flora coming into full bloom. It’s a stunning time to be in the area.

You can hike to Diablo Lake, Desolation Peak, or Baker Lake. North Cascades is just a ridiculously scenic place to enjoy in April. It’s ideal for those who love outdoor adventures and hiking, and it’s perfect if you still want to experience glacial terrain with decorative snow.

17. Big Sky, MT

Best Places to visit in April USA Big Sky Montana

Big Sky is a big name in the US ski industry. It is pretty much where to head for great slopes, has a gorgeous backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and is close to Yellowstone National Park. On the days you choose to rest from the slopes, you can take a day trip to see bison and geysers erupting at Yellowstone. Amazing, right?

Big Sky understandably gets busy during Spring Break. However, if you visit after mid-April, you can catch the region at its quietest before it closes for summer. The community’s most well-known ski spot is Big Sky Resort. You can either stay there for your entire stay or just book slope passes, which is a flexible touch. It is known for its variety of runs, and you’ll have a ton of options to test out when you hit the slopes.

Apart from just tactical skiing, you’ll be able to enjoy nearby Yellowstone in April, too. April is a magical time to stay near Yellowstone, where you can witness bison births and bears emerging from hibernation. It’s a special time to visit Big Sky, from which you can easily rent a car or book a Yellowstone tour.

18. Napa Valley, CA

Best Places to visit in April USA Napa Valley California

Napa Valley shouldn’t take much persuading if you like your Californian wines. The famed region is known for its delicious wines and is located just a short drive from San Francisco. It is accessible and peaceful, with rolling vineyards and plenty of sunshine. And in April, you have the bonus of fewer crowds and pretty spring wildflowers.

Visiting in April, you also tend to grab cheaper tours and experiences, as the region is still sleepy and trying to entice tourism before the summer rush. It is a great time to get the most value for money. It goes without saying that visiting one of the most famous wine regions in the USA can come with a heavy price tag.

If you stay in Napa itself, you’ll have dozens of wineries just within easy walking distance. You also have attractions like Oxbow Public Market and numerous scenic parks along the Napa River. It is a peaceful getaway in April. And you’ll have tons of chances to indulge.

19. Skagit Valley, WA

Cool Places to visit in April USA Skagit Valley Washington

Skagit Valley is a beautiful region of fields on the bank of the Skagit River in northern Washington, just below the Canada border. It is easily one of the best places to visit in the USA in April, and there’s one reason why: the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. This festival lasts throughout April, when millions of tulips burst into life. If you love flowers in springtime, the valley is a mesmerizing spot for a visit. You’ll see colors of white, yellow, red, pink, and more. The valley transforms into waves of bright, bobbing flower heads.

During the festival, you can visit different farms and private lands that open up, especially for the occasion. A few favorites are Tulip Town and Tulip Valley Farms. And when you aren’t visiting the tulips, you can enjoy hiking and bird watching – migratory birds love the agricultural lands and peaceful, protected areas. Make sure to sample plenty of organic farm produce as well.

Skagit Valley is where you spot flowers in their peak season and enjoy a slower pace of life. What’s not to love? It’s an ideal choice this April and just over an hour’s drive from Seattle.

20. Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX

Fun Places to visit in April USA Guadalupe Mountains NP

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is perfect for an April trip. Honestly, it’s like the park was made for this month; it has mild temperatures and barely any rain. And for a national park that mostly offers gorgeous hiking trails, that’s a huge win. You can visit during Spring Break for safety in numbers on trails, or you can dodge the crowds after mid-April.

The Guadalupe Mountains are most famed for its Permian fossil reef, which is the most extensive in the entire world. You can also hike up Guadalupe Peak and Devil’s Hall, which is much more enjoyable in spring than summer. McKittrick Canyon is also a beautiful spot to hike through, with plenty of flora erupting in April. We’d suggest allowing at least two to three days to experience the park or a week to take it slow and get under its skin. The park covers nearly 90,000 acres, so there’s a lot to see and do.

It is located on the border with New Mexico, so allow yourself some time to reach the park, too. You’ll appreciate those lower temperatures when driving through southern scenery, and if you get a chance, detour to Carlsbad Caverns nearby.

Best Places to Visit in April: FAQs

Fun places to Visit in The USA in April FAQ

Now that you are knowledgeable about all the best places to visit in April, let’s get practical. In this section, we’ll briefly walk you through the most commonly asked FAQs. Hopefully, this will clear up any doubts or follow-up queries you’ve got brewing.

Where is the best place to vacation in April in the US?

We have a soft spot for California, Texas, and Utah. However, you should also consider destinations like Door County in Wisconsin and Anchorage in Alaska. There are still some beautiful, cooler destinations to visit in April.

Which state is best to visit in April?

Utah and California are two great states to visit in April. Utah has its national parks starting to wake up, with roads more accessible, and California has road trips galore and events like Coachella.

Which destination is best for April?

We’d say that Ennis is the best destination for April, along with Texas Hill Country as a whole. The sheer number of bluebonnets is just stunning, and the scenic drives in warm weather are dreamy.

Where in the US is it warm in April?

Florida, Texas, and Southern California are all good choices if you want hot weather in April.

Why We Recommend These Places To Visit in April

Our recommendations for the best places to visit in April in the US

It’s easy to see why traveling to the USA in April is such a good idea. You’ve got lingering skiing opportunities, blooming flowers, and the chance to opt in or out of Spring Break celebrations and crowds. Visiting the USA in April comes with a different level of flexibility; we love it, and so will you.

Are you looking for more inspiration on visiting the USA? Or are you interested in the best things to do in April? Check out our guide on the best Spring Break destinations for 2024. You should also check out our guides on the best 2024 national parks and road trips – because who doesn’t love outdoor adventure? Have an amazing time adventuring, partying, and sightseeing in the USA in April.

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